Men's Merino Style Guide

When the breeze turns cold, cosy merino knitwear is what you need to stay warm and stylish throughout the day. With a few staple pieces, you can create a host of on-trend winter outfits to fend off the chilly weather.

What is merino wool, and why choose it?

In terms of knitwear fabrics, there are plenty to choose from. From classic sheep's wool to synthetic fibres, you’re spoilt for choice. However, one material is considered to be a cut above the rest: Merino wool.

Merino wool is a natural fibre made from merino sheep. It is highly valued winter must-have due to its beautiful softness and the luxurious finish of its products. In comparison to standard sheep's wool, merino is more fine- it’s also gentle on the skin and doesn’t have the “itch” of traditional wool. To top it off, merino is odour-resistant, breathable and durable- ideal qualities for when you’re bundling up for Winter!

How to wear Merino

Merino knitwear is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, creating lots of options to mix and match to create your perfect winter style. We’ve put together some of our favourite men’s merino outfits, using the famous Academy Brand merino crew jumper and polo shirt. Both tops are made from 100% fine-weight Australian Merino wool, chosen specifically for its looks and practicality.

The easygoing, everyday throw-on

Searching for a go-to look that you can throw on at a moment's notice, time after time? With a couple of staple chinos and merino jumpers, you can build lots of outfits, saving precious time in the morning. This winter jumper outfit is ideal for a casual day at the office or a day out with friends.

Start by wearing a basic tee for the base layer, and then proceed to add a merino crew for that warm layer and coverage. For the bottoms, chinos give either a refined or casual silhouette depending on the fit. Our Academy Brand Cooper Slim Chino is more on the fitted side while the Hudson Straight Leg Chino has a straight leg with a looser fit. 

Refined all-rounder

Whether it’s dinner with family or a night out, the merino long sleeve polo is a sophisticated way to stay warm and on-trend.

In this outfit, we’ve taken one of our favourite seasonal colours - a beautiful blend of deep orange and brown - and paired it with navy tapered chinos. It’s a simple two-piece outfit but one which we know will stand the test of time. This outfit makes the most of the lightweight merino, keeping you comfortably warm without lots of layers.

Wear the look:
Merino Polo in Tobacco
Seattle Deluxe Chino in Navy

Business as usual

Look sharp while working at the office, presenting in the boardroom or in a meeting with clients. It’s no secret that wearing a collared shirt gives you a crisp and polished look, making it the perfect starter for any office output. But when it’s a cold day, flawlessly maintain your business-as-usual look while staying warm with a merino crew on top. A crew neck jumper complements the shirt collar, lying comfortably to avoid any bulky layering issues.

Finish your look with fitted, neutral-coloured chinos. The Seattle Deluxe Chino, with its tapered skinny fit, is our top pick to end this more formal winter jumper outfit on a high.

Wear the look:
Academy Merino Crew in Navy
Archie Deluxe Shirt in White
Seattle Deluxe Chino in New Stone

King of casual

The merino polo is easy to dress up and down. For a more casual take on the “Refined All Rounder” above, pop a simple t-shirt underneath and switch up the bottom half. Both the Merino Polo and Cooper Slim Chinos come in an assortment of on-trend colours, making them great staples to mix and match. The generous stretch in the chinos will also keep you comfy all day (or night) long. If you’re creating a capsule wardrobe, these pieces are worth their weight.

This is one of our favourite transeasonal looks. Warm enough to face the elements while remaining effortlessly stylish.

Wear the look:
Acad Crew Tee in White
Merino Polo in Black
Cooper Slim Chinos in Sand

How to care for merino

It is true that you generally pay a premium for merino wool due to the high quality of its products. However, you can be safe in the knowledge that your jumper or polo will stand the test of time better than regular wool or synthetic materials. Academy Brand’s merino is affordable but does not compromise on quality; our merino garments are made from 100% pure Australian Merino Wool sourced from certified suppliers.

To keep it looking its best, here are some simple tips to care for merino clothes that you can do at home:

Cold Water: Only use cold water when washing your merino knitwear. Using hot water could shrink your clothes or cause them to lose shape.

Washing Machine: Putting your merino garments inside a mesh laundry bag will protect them in the washing machine. Be sure to use a delicate cycle with cold water, and don’t leave them sitting in the machine once the cycle is done or you could be faced with some nasty creases to remove.

Hand Wash: Soak the merino garments in cold water mixed with a mild wool detergent. After washing, squeeze out excess water but don’t wring the garments to avoid losing their shape.

Drying: Forget the tumble dryer or using heat to dry your merino or you’ll be at risk of shrinking. Dry your garments by laying them flat on the laundry rack or hanging them on the washing line - make sure they’re not crumpled or stretched as they dry.


All day comfort and cosiness

Look the part while braving the cold with Academy Brand men’s merino knitwear. With the option to layer or wear as standalone pieces, you can stay cosy and stylish throughout the day with minimal effort. Discover our collection of men’s jumpers and knitwear and choose from a range of timeless fabrics and styles, ideal for upgrading your look this winter.