Overshirt Style Guide For Men & Women

Overshirts have soared in popularity over the past few years and we can understand why. A clever hybrid between a shirt and jacket, it’s the ideal in-between layer for when it’s too cool for a shirt but too warm for a jacket. It helps that they look great too!

What is an overshirt?

Made from thicker fabric than a standard shirt, overshirts are an on-trend outer layer that will give you that extra bit of coverage when it starts to get chilly. It's a versatile layering option that strikes the perfect balance between warmth and comfort without feeling bulky. 

Versatile, transeasonal and stylish, this shirt-jacket hybrid has enough wiggle room even if you add a knitted jumper inside. Overshirts aren’t a one-trick pony either. With different prints, cuts and fabrics you have a heap of options to choose from. Whether you’re going for a utilitarian look or laid-back lumberjack style, an overshirt will see you right.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your overshirt is the fabric, with cotton, corduroy, linen and flannel among the most popular choices. Cotton and linen are lightweight, durable and made to wear all year round. In contrast, corduroy and flannel are thicker and heavier than cotton and linen, making them the perfect autumn and winter layer to keep you toasty.

Is an overshirt the same as a shacket?

A shacket (shirt-jacket) is a type of overshirt. Shackets are generally a little heavier and closer to a jacket, but can still be called overshirts and styled in the same way.

Overshirt styling

Now that you know the basics of this handy hybrid, it's time to learn how to style your overshirt.

We asked our team for their favourite overshirt outfit ideas for men and women and have come up with a style guide to get you started. With our overshirt styles, nothing can rain on your parade.


Men’s Overshirt Styling

Style 1: Shirt-over-shirt

Crafted from premium, mid-weight corduroy fabric, the Lebowski Cord Overshirt features a distinctive ridged pattern that adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit. With its versatile style, this overshirt lends itself to lots of layering options. For a playful twist, we suggest pairing it with the Academy Colorado Shirt in Milk Check. The contrasting patterns create a dynamic visual effect that is sure to turn heads and make you the life of the party. To complete the look, keep the focus on your shirt-on-shirt style with the Jack 5 Pocket Pant's neutral hues and mid-rise slim fit.

Style 2: All-year-round favourites

Rain, snow or shine, you’ll always be on trend with the Essential Overshirt as your chosen layer. With its understated tones, you can create almost endless pairings with your favourite wardrobe items or our Academy staples. For this specific look, we suggest a basic t-shirt like our signature Acad Basic Crew in White for the top and the Hudson Straight Chino in Navy for the bottom. These versatile pieces work well together and give you a fresh, timeless look.

Style 3: Layering for warmth

For a warmer alternative to the all-year favourite style, add some extra layering such as the Rib Knit Crew. Transform a casual getup into a stylish, charming look as this knit crew complements the overshirt with its textured yarn and ribbed hem and cuffs. Take your outfit up one extra notch with the Cooper Slim Chino - a slim fit and clean-cut chino that is a true Academy classic.

Women's Overshirt Styling

Style 1: Colour your imagination

With a block colour overshirt, you’ll have heaps of pairing options. Take the Women’s Essential Overshirt; this classic piece can be used throughout the seasons and paired with shorts, pants, skirts & dresses alike. Layer up in the cold or keep it on hand in summer in case it gets a little chilly later on in the evening.

For the classic overshirt look above, the Essential Overshirt in Chalk Pink is the centrepiece. The Chalk Pink palette is a pop of colour but still easy on the eyes and blends well with a plain tee or ribbed tank top. A plain trouser or short, such as the Sunset Pants or Shorts, will give the outfit a casual finish. 

We’ve one added one style here but we recommend experimenting with different colour combinations, layers and materials to find outfits that you (and everyone else!) will love.


Style 2: Overshirt Sets

Wearing a set outfit is both a lifesaver and a timesaver for busy days. Our Lebowski Overshirt and Bottom set is perfect for the on-the-go woman who needs a quick outfit that looks stylish and well put together. The corduroy fabric has a ridged pattern to give your outfit a unique twist and the matching colours coordinate your ensemble. Available with pants or shorts, pick the bottom based on the weather, and you're good to go. Even though this is a matching set, you can play around with your inner layer, or even contrast the top and bottom colours. We recommend the Essential Rib Tank for an all-round inner layer.

Style 3: Checks and Prints

Aside from colours, checks and prints can also make you stand out from the crowd. To add a touch of playfulness to your ensemble, go for a checked overshirt layered with a tee or over a jumper. To make the patterns pop more, keep the other items in your outfit plain.

To get your first look sorted, we recommend the Lancaster Overshirt paired with a long-sleeve white tee and Everyday Pant in milk or bronze. This outfit is perfect for relaxed days out with friends and will keep you supremely comfortable yet chic.

Layered in Style

Overshirts are the ultimate transeasonal staple and we can’t recommend them enough for everyone - even the young ones! With one overshirt you can create an array of stylish looks using pieces you already have at home.

Whether you’re giving your wardrobe a complete refresh or looking for a few staples to see you through the colder months, explore our Academy overshirts for men and women to unlock fresh, effortless looks.