The Men’s Winter Sun Edit

Planning your next vacation or about to head off to escape the winter chill? Whether you're going on a tropical escapade with mates, or heading to Europe to indulge in food & wine, the right holiday wardrobe will let you get the most out of your trip. 

Everyone in the Academy Brand team loves a good getaway, particularly if it involves escaping the cold weather, so we’ve put together our top sunny holiday essentials for men to help you find your perfect vacation outfit. After all, it’s always Summer somewhere!

Go for linen

Linen is an absolute must-have for men when it comes to packing your bags for winter sun. Not only is it lightweight, versatile and non-bulky to pack, but it effortlessly pairs with other pieces of clothing and suits any weather or occasion. A simple linen shirt with shorts can take you almost anywhere—from the beach to the bar without the need to change. It’s a men’s winter or summer holiday style that you can always rely on.

Linen is also one of those timeless fabrics, giving you the perfect European summer style.

Mix and match with muted palettes

Muted palettes work well with similar as well as contrasting colours. Matching short and shirt sets in gentle shades give an understated, relaxed look. However, you can also transform simple outfits with splashes of colour, perfect for spreading those upbeat holiday vibes while maintaining a timeless style. 

The best part about neutral and pastel colours is their versatility. If you’re planning to bring a vibrant tee or pants on your getaway, combining them with muted-coloured pieces lets you quickly put together an array of on-trend looks for your trip.

Turn heads with stripes & prints

Introducing patterns is the next step to add a bit of flair to your relaxed vacation style, and they’re great for when you’re back at home too. Stripes are a timeless men’s classic that never goes out of style. And, contrary to popular belief, it is actually easy to pair with what’s already in your luggage.

Refresh your look by pairing a striped t-shirt with neutral shorts or pants to make the pattern your focal point. Wear your stripes with other patterns for a fun twist—we suggest putting on floral, plaid, gingham and even contrasting stripes for a unique look. This is particularly effective when wearing board shorts and heading out on the water.

Go beyond the pool with hybrid board shorts

Board shorts are an essential when you’re heading to the warmer weather. However, they aren’t just useful for the pool or the beach. If you’re packing light, we recommend a pair of men’s hybrid boardies - swim shorts that look like shorts - that can double as casual bottoms when exploring away from the water. Look for a cotton and nylon mix for the ultimate in versatility as they’ll be quick drying and pair well with a simple tee. Finding a pair with pockets is also handy to keep your essentials close by.

While board shorts can be flamboyant, for a hybrid pair we recommend sticking to block colours or subtle prints so that they blend in well with the rest of your outfit.

All packed and ready to go

Whether you're backpacking around South East Asia, lying on a beach in the Caribbean or taking in some culture in Europe, find your timeless summer style & dress the part with Academy Brand’s holiday edit for men. Start building your vacation wardrobe today to go and catch some Winter sun!