How To Style A Checked Shirt For Men & Women

Checked shirts are not just a trendy look, they have a long, practical history from before they became the fashion staple we know and love today.

Checked shirts are a handy wardrobe addition for both men and women, with lots of styles and colour combinations to choose from. Whether you’re heading out with friends, running errands around the house or dressing to impress, there’s a checked shirt out there for everyone. 

How do you wear checked shirts?

A common misconception is that there is only one type of checked shirt and it’s only suitable for casual wear. However, that’s absolutely not the case.  With many patterns to choose from, such as buffalo checks, gingham, tartan and more, it is a popular choice for any occasion.

For styling novices, wearing patterns, and particularly checks, can be tricky, but it is actually more simple than you think. We’ve prepared a short guide on how to style checked shirts for men and women to get you started.

Easy & Casual
Casual Checked Shirts For Men & Women

Welcome a fun Friday night with an easygoing look that will impress the party crowd; the classic checked shirts and jeans. This combination is perfect for both men and women, and you can give it a modern twist.

For men, look for a shirt with a larger check and autumnal colours to offset the traditional blue denim. Something like our Ludlow Shirt in Brown Check will stay in style for years to come. With a pair of white trainers you’re all set for wherever the night takes you.

For women, we recommend something you can wear buttoned up or down with a touch of colour like the Silverlake Shirt. Green checked shirts work particularly well with denim of all shades and we love the flowing fit of this shirt.

Work & Play
Men's Work Checked Shirts

Strike the perfect balance between work and play with your office outfit. This is where the smaller squared checks come in to their own as they look more formal, but are also perfect to wear to after work drinks.

For men, the Archie Deluxe or Chicago Overshirt tucked into a neutral coloured chino pant will achieve the perfect business-casual office look. Then, when the clock strikes five, easily change up your outfit by sliding a t-shirt underneath, unbuttoning and rolling up the sleeves.


Nice & Cosy
Cosy Checked Shirts For Men & Women

Throwing a checked shirt over your ensemble adds a touch of flair, but also a bit of warmth if you need it. Layering checked shirts is a truly timeless option.

To achieve the ultimate layered check outfit, a basic tee is ideal for men. For women, we recommend layering your checks over an essential ribbed tank. Go for neutral tones for your under-layer and wear your shirt open or closed to suit the occasion.

Under-layers for checked shirts aren’t your only option though. Take your layering game to the next level by wearing a vest on top of your checked shirt or go for a mix of patterns by wearing your favourite checked shirt with another pattern or textured overshirt (get some more inspiration here with our overshirt guide). Try out the Idaho Jacket for men or Lancaster Overshirt for women.

As checked shirts come in lots of different weights and thicknesses, do pay attention to the material. For a shirt you can wear all year round that will last well, we recommend a mid-weight cotton.


Try it out

Checked shirts are a classic that never go out of style. With a plethora of designs and colour combinations to choose from, checked shirts will let you create dozens of outfit options that you can wear everyday and everywhere.

Get started building your checked shirt collection with Academy Brand. With various styles and cuts available, find your next favourite to wear at your next hangout, meeting or party.