3 Ways to Wear the Vintage Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt is both timeless and sophisticated, adding both style and character to any outfit, this is a wardrobe staple for every season. Dating back to its origins in the 19th century, from the dinner table to the polo field, this is a shirt that has earned its royal grade reputation and its versatility makes it a go-to still today. There are many ways to integrate the Oxford shirt into your daily get up that will see you from day to night, whatever the occasion calls for, the Oxford will retain a casual yet polished look.



1. The Casual Cool Vibe

The perfect in-between look, pair your shirt with a neutral coloured pair of chinos. The combination of soft, subtle fabrics is not only comfortable but classy at the same time. Keep the buttons done up with an open collar, roll up the sleeves for a more daytime attire and then the addition of a brown or black leather belt will break up the outfit nicely. As the night draws, keep the shirt tucked and button up the sleeves, the addition of a lightweight sports jacket or v-neck jumper will smarten up this ensemble for any event.



2. Beach Ready

As the Summer months are looming and the outdoor activities are filling our weekends it can be hard to find a look that is cooling and suitable for beach time to BBQ. The Oxford shirt is woven from two different cotton strands, this unique weave allows for breathability as well as durability, keeping temperature control on those extra balmy days. Paired with shorts, keep the shirt open and untucked, layer with a plain t-shirt for when the sun goes down. Effortless and perfectly transitional, no matter where the day takes you!

3. Working 9 to 5

Incorporating the Vintage Oxford shirt into your work apparel is easy, it can be formal enough for an office environment, wear it with a tie and suit jacket or a navy blue or black jumper if you need the extra layer. This shirt is an everyday-of-the-week shirt, wear it with classic colours and traditional cut suits, it sits best against matt fabric so steer away from more shiny materials, this is the ideal 9-5 uniform.  


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